Aero Elite Insulated Breathable

Mossy Oak Bottomland 1500

Aero Elite Insulated Breathable

Mossy Oak Bottomland 1500

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Your New Favorite Hunting Companion.

Aero Elite Waders are our lightest and most versatile waders yet. With our new AeroForm® boot, they’re dramatically lighter, more comfortable and durable. But don’t confuse less weight with lacking insulation. Thanks to our AeroForm® technology, these boots are warm enough for the coldest waters – keeping you comfortable no matter the conditions. When it comes to support for our durable, waterproof upper, our AeroForm boot is the perfect match.

Heavyweight comfort. Minus the heavy part.

The word “light” doesn’t come to mind when talking about typical rubber boots on waders. That is, until now. But there’s more to these boots than being lighter in weight. They have an insulating polyurethane shell that wraps around the foot for superior warmth and a flexible, glove-like fit. The front of the boot comes up above the ankle for more protection and stability. Underfoot, a thick layer of polyurethane provides insulation, cushion, support and shock absorption. And an oversized shank delivers added support and protection.

Built-in gaiter means built-in protection.

Our waders are built to protect. That includes a built-in gaiter covering where the wader meets the boot for added durability. They’re made from highly abrasion-resistant nylon, easily fending off ice, brush and tall grass.

Carry what you need, when you need it.

Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, aka MOLLE, uses modularity for attaching gear with easy access points. This lets you customize your wader storage to carry as much or as little as you need, and the webbing fabric is a heavy-duty nylon that’s durable and water resistant.

A smart design for your smartphone.

Our integrated foldout tech pocket has an easy-access waterproof pouch for a smartphone. You can even use the touchscreen without taking it out of the pouch, so no more fear of dropping it in the water.

Seasons change, but your waders don’t have to.

Our lightweight, waterproof, breathable nylon lets your skin breathe while keeping you dry and protected. Choose how to layer your clothes underneath, and these waders can take you from early season long into late season. Lightweight nylon is easier to move in and dries quickly. When the temperature creeps up, the upper easily lowers to convert to a pant wader with suspenders. A highly abrasion-resistant nylon gives them more durability and adjustable straps on the thighs give you a more customized fit.

Layers are for cake.

Lofted insulation added to the entire upper is the secret to providing more warmth without the extra bulk. The insulation is also quilted throughout to prevent bunching and shifting. Because the nylon is so lightweight, you’ll feel more freedom when you move, plus it dries quickly.
AeroForm Shell
Made of the same material used to insulate refrigerators and freezers, our polyurethane AeroForm Shell wraps the entire foot for cushioning comfort and warmth. It is ultra-light and flexible and won't crack, tear or fade.
1500G Equivalent Boot
The combination of our 7mm neoprene boot sock and our AeroForm technology provides the same warmth as a 1500G insulation level in an ultra-lightweight package.
Mossy Oak Bottomland
Mossy Oak’s original camo pattern created over 25 years ago, still offers the same ability to blend into dark environments and obscure your outline from every angle.
Active Fit
With a comfortable, secure fit to keep your foot in place while on the move, boots with Active Fit also go on and come off with ease.
Adjustable Belt
Features lumbar support for comfort; hook-and-loop closure is easily adjusted with one hand.
Adjustable Options
Top bungee cord and side leg gussets provide an adjustable fit. The top can be lowered without removing suspenders for easy conversion from chest to pant wader.
Aero Bayou Outsole
This outsole channels the mud and muck out for superior traction.


13 lbs per pair
AeroForm® 1500G Equivalent Boot
Camo Pattern
Mossy Oak Bottomland
Wader Upper Material
Breathable Nylon, 120G Quilted Insulation
Best for All-Terrain
Removable EVA
Oversized Polypropylene

Comfort Zone

  • Arctic
  • Cold
  • Mild

Meet the Family

The Aero Elite family offers a range of options to meet your specific needs.

Aero Elite Breathable Realtree Max-5 3.5MM
Aero Elite Breathable Mossy Oak Bottomland 7.0MM
This product
AeroForm® 1000G Equivalent Boot AeroForm® 1500G Equivalent Boot
Realtree Max-5 Mossy Oak Bottomland
Mild Cold
Best for All-Terrain Best for All-Terrain
Breathable Nylon Breathable Nylon, 120G Quilted Insulation


Our accessories are designed to work perfectly with Aero Elite.

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