Aero Timber Top

Slip-On 6" Brown

Aero Timber Top Slip-On 6 Aero Timber Top Slip-On 6 Aero Timber Top Slip-On 6 Aero Timber Top Slip-On 6

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Aero Timber Top

Slip-On 6" Brown

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They’ve aged well since we introduced them back in 1910.

Back then, we made them with rubber and a lace-up leather upper. We kept the classic look but swapped the rubber for an AeroForm shell made with polyurethane. This provides more flexibility and will keep feet warmer because the polyurethane won’t transfer cold to your feet like rubber can. The inside is smooth and seamless, adding to the overall comfortable fit and feel. AeroForm Technology, making a classic fit for the 21st century.
AeroForm Shell Bottom
Made of polyurethane, our AeroForm Shell wraps the foot for cushioning comfort and waterproof protection. It is lightweight and flexible and won't transfer cold to your feet.
Seamless Interior
AeroForm construction allows for a smooth transition between the leather and shell, making it barely noticeable and infinitely more comfortable.
Full-Grain, Oiled Leather Upper
This water-resistant upper is made from a distressed, oiled full-grain leather.
Pull Tab
A back leather pull tab makes it easy to slip into this boot.


2.8 lbs per pair
Canvas Lined PU Shell, Unlined Leather Upper
Best for All-Terrain
Removable Polyurethane
Integrated Polypropylene

Comfort Zone

  • Arctic
    0 to 70°F
  • Cold
    0 to 70°F
  • Mild
    0 to 70°F

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This product
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Mild Mild Mild Mild Cold
Best for All-Terrain Best for All-Terrain Best for All-Terrain Best for All-Terrain Best for Snow


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