Insulated Big Chief

32" 600G

Insulated Big Chief

32" 600G
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These waders go anywhere. But stay put on your ankle and calf. Waterproof. Insulated. Scent control.

As reliable today as when your granddad first bought a pair.

In 1951 we introduced the Big Chief. A non-insulated, do-it-all rubber hip boot that our customers knew they could always trust. Shortly after that, an insulated version of the Big Chief came to be. Today, these boots are alive and well. They’re still made from our proven ZXT Rubber. They’re still built to perform under the harshest of conditions. And they’re still the boots you can call on to get the job done.


Style 700001
Weight 7 lbs per pair
Height 32"
Insulation 600G Thinsulate Ultra
Color Green
Traction Best for Mud, Snow, Slip Resistant
Traction Slip Resistant
Footbed EVA
Shank Fiberglass
Lining Waterproof
Manufacturing Imported
Toe Protection Plain Toe

Comfort Zone

  • Arctic
    -30 to 50°F
  • Cold
    -30 to 50°F
  • Mild
    -30 to 50°F
100% Waterproof Protection
Rubber is naturally waterproof and with our proven formulas, our rubber remains durable and waterproof year after year.
600G Thinsulate Ultra
High-performance insulation that keeps you warm in the snow and rain without weighing you down.
Calf Harness
Internal calf harness laces and snaps around your leg for an adjustable, secure fit.
Air-Grip Outsole
Don’t let the mud, muck, or snow weigh you down. Our Air-Grip outsole features a unique, self-cleaning tread pattern that keeps you steady in the nastiest of terrain.
Scent Suppressing
There’s no better scent suppressing material than rubber. Our formulas combine absolute comfort with unequaled scent protection.

Compare Big Chief Styles

Attributes Big Chief 32" OD Green Big Chief 32" OD Green 600G
Product Image Big Chief 32" OD Green Big Chief 32" OD Green 600G
This Product Row This Product
Comfort Zone Mild Cold
Insulation Non-Insulated 600G Thinsulate Ultra
Lining Waterproof Waterproof
Traction Best for All-Terrain, Slip Resistant Best for Mud, Snow, Slip Resistant
Product Price
Sale Price $160.00
Sale Price $170.00


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