We’ve made this pull-on your new go-to. From daily chores to walking the dog, the Alpha Lite easily pulls on to get you out and on your way faster. With our premium, natural rubber over cushioning neoprene, you can trust that your feet will stay dry and comfortable for any task the day may bring.

Image of a person standing in a stall bending over to roll down the tops of their tall green boots.

Dry and comfortable, no matter the season.

Our premium rubber is hand-laid around a neoprene core, and we use multiple layers of rubber in key areas for added support and durability. Both the neoprene and the rubber are naturally waterproof and when bonded together, they form an unbeatable waterproof barrier. The neoprene also provides some insulation, but is flexible enough to roll down when temperatures rises.

Image of a person wearing green boots standing in a stall with sunlight shining in from the barn door.

Easy on. Easy off. Comfortable in-between.

The Alpha Lite features our Active Fit design with a neoprene core that adds flexibility, allowing you to slide the boot on and off more easily. Once on, the precise fit keeps feet secure while on the move and prevents the boot from pulling loose in deep mud.

Image of a pair of green rubber and neoprene boots resting near a corrugated metal building.

Reliable traction that covers it all.

Our vulcanized construction ensures 100% waterproof protection at the most critical seam of the boot - where the outsole meets the upper. Using a special lug pattern that has more surface area for better grip, the Alpha Lite provides traction from the out-building floor to the mud-covered field.

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