When it comes to scent-free hunting, nothing is better than full-clad rubber boots to keep you undetected in the woods. With the new Switchgrass, we’ve combined the scent-free benefit of rubber boots with four layers of cushioning underfoot in a range of insulation options. Adding to the overall comfort, our signature adjustable gusset accommodates a wide range of calf sizes and allows you to easily tuck pants in. Comfortable, waterproof, durable and scent-free, the Switchgrass will help you hunt farther and longer, from early season to late.

Not all rubber is created equally.

Lightweight and always long wearing, we build our boots with more natural rubber than most. Rubber that won’t crack in the cold, won’t get soft in the heat and won’t ever let you down when you need it most. It's more durable, more flexible and more comfortable to allow you to spend more time in the field.

Scent free and care free.

The fact is, there’s no better scent suppressing material than rubber. And that’s why for generations, whitetail hunters have been wearing LaCrosse rubber boots. Stalk your prey without worry, knowing you have unequaled scent protection in our Switchgrass boots.

Absolute comfort. Any questions?

Built with our Quad Core® technology, the Switchgrass features four layers of cushioning for all-day comfort. First, a thick layer of polyurethane insulates underfoot and won't compress over time. Under that is a layer of neoprene for added cushion and even more insulation. Next up is a layer of blown rubber for added stability and support. And finally, an extra thick layer of EVA foam in the heel absorbs impact.

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