Insulated Alpha Swampfox

Mossy Oak Bottomland 1000G

Insulated Alpha Swampfox

Mossy Oak Bottomland 1000G

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Step into breathable, insulated comfort.

Stand up to mud and muck in the new Insulated Alpha Swampfox Drop Top wader. Bringing you the latest in breathable technology, insulation and all the waterproof protection of neoprene at a fraction of the weight. These waders feature Alpha-constructed boots that provide the ultimate in comfort and support.


Style 700087
Weight 10.3 lbs per pair
Height Chest
Insulation 120G Lofted Insulation Upper, 1000G Thinsulate Ultra Boot
Camo Pattern Mossy Oak Bottomland
Wader Upper Material Breathable Nylon
Traction Best for All-Terrain
Footbed Removable EVA Footbed
Shank Nylon Shank

Comfort Zone

  • Arctic
  • Cold
  • Mild
1000G Thinsulate Ultra
High-performance insulation that keeps you warm in the snow and rain without weighing you down.
Mossy Oak Bottomland
Mossy Oak’s original camo pattern created over 25 years ago, still offers the same ability to blend into dark environments and obscure your outline from every angle.
Breathable Nylon Upper
We use a lightweight, breathable and abrasion resistant nylon that is 100% waterproof with double-stitched and taped seams for this versatile wader. Easy to layer underneath when it's cold and more comfortable than neoprene when temperatures are warmer.
Active Fit
With a comfortable, secure fit to keep your foot in place while on the move, boots with Active Fit also go on and come off with ease.
Convertible Upper
These waders can convert from chest waders to pant waders by rolling the nylon upper down and securing with the belt. Suspenders included.
120G Lofted Insulation
Integrated into the entire upper, this level of insulation is ideal for cold conditions. The synthetic material maintains its warmth even in wet conditions, which makes it perfect for our waders.
Swamp Tuff Outsole
Swamp Tuff low lug outsole easily sheds debris and mud

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This Product
120G Lofted Insulation Upper, 1000G Thinsulate Ultra Boot 120G Lofted Insulation Upper, 1000G Thinsulate Ultra Boot
Mossy Oak Bottomland Realtree Max-5
Cold Cold
Best for All-Terrain Best for All-Terrain
Breathable Nylon Breathable Nylon
As low as $370.00
As low as $370.00


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