Alpha Cozy

Classic Brown

Alpha Cozy

Classic Brown
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Built for maximum comfort

The slip-on Alpha Cozy is fully lined in our thickest, plushest fleece and made with Alpha Construction, combining 4mm of neoprene wrapped with hand-laid premium rubber for 100% waterproof protection. A flexible back panel and kickoff plate at the heel makes slipping them on and taking them off nearly effortless. A thick platform adds more cushion and insulation underfoot while the outside channels water and slush away for better traction. The Alpha Cozy is the perfect everyday boot when the weather is anything but perfect.


Style 656111
Weight 3.7 lbs per pair
Height 10"
Insulation 4mm Neoprene
Color Brown
Footbed Polyurethane
Shank Nylon
Lining Waterproof
Liner Fleece
Manufacturing Imported
Toe Protection Plain Toe
Price Range $100 - 200

Comfort Zone

  • Arctic
    -20 to 60°F
  • Cold
    -20 to 60°F
  • Mild
    -20 to 60°F
Alpha Construction
Built with hand-laid premium, natural rubber over insulating neoprene for durability, flexibility and complete waterproof protection.
Ultra Soft Fleece Lining
Nothing’s as cozy as a soft fleece. That’s why we lined the entire inside of this boot with an ultra-soft, fine fleece to ensure you stay warm and comfortable even when the temperatures drop.
Active Fit
With a comfortable, secure fit to keep your foot in place while on the move, boots with Active Fit also go on and come off with ease.
Kick-Off Heel Plate
For easy hands-free removal.
Austru Outsole
This outsole features ample surface contact providing comfort and stability with channels that direct water and slush away for reliable grip in slippery conditions.

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Attributes Women's Alpha Cozy 10" Classic Brown 4.0MM Women's Alpha Cozy 10" Black/Tan 4.0MM
Product Image Women's Alpha Cozy 10" Classic Brown 4.0MM Women's Alpha Cozy 10" Black/Tan 4.0MM
This Product Row This Product
Comfort Zone Cold Cold
Insulation 4mm Neoprene 4mm Neoprene
Lining Waterproof Waterproof
Product Price
Sale Price $140.00
Sale Price $140.00

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