Our story starts in the middle

Everything we make is built with purpose; we’ve been doing it that way for over a century. This is true even knowing that every new pair of boots we send out into the world is by nature unfinished. Only when they're worn in the toughest conditions Mother Nature can dish out, do they earn their name.

What we find along the way

Being deep in the woods sparks a knowing. There’s a know-how that’s been handed from generations past, stitched into a heavy wool coat. There’s also one that lives in the “now,” demanding smart gear for the mission at hand.

But there’s a different kind, too. The kind that’s built into your bones. The kind that jolts to attention when a twig snaps and detects a shift in the season just before the first leaf changes.

We understand our deep need to be outdoors as both a calling and an answer—a calling to get out and explore. To discover the sensation of pulling your boots out of the mud at the bottom of a bog. To feel the thrill of cresting the ridge and seeing nothing but rolling hills. What we find along the way is the answer. A silent response to “what does this all mean? What is it all for?”

When we pull on our boots in the frosty morning air, we pick our path. And our path is one that’s Forever Forward.

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The La Crosse Rubber Mills Company is founded and is based on the ethos of “quality goods, worksmanship and honest values.”

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The rubber mill begins its first venture into building footwear.

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Arthur S. Funk, the son of La Crosse founder Michael Funk, pioneers the development of synthetic rubber—also coined as neoprene.

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La Crosse sets their sights on engineering an improved fit for rubber boots, introducing the first Ankle Fit boot—the Grange.

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Officially recognized as LaCrosse Footwear, the company introduces the first double-insulated construction in the Iceman boot, followed by triple insulation in the Ice-King Boot.

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The rubber hunting boot game is revolutionized with the introduction of Alpha Construction in the Alphaburly.

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LaCrosse announces the launch of AeroForm Technology in the AeroHead Boot, setting a new standard for hunting boot flexibility, support, and comfort.

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Looking to the future, LaCrosse launches Forever Forward.

Paying it forward


Even when we’re sitting quietly in our tree stand or alone in the middle of a cornfield, we’re part of something that’s far greater than us. That’s why we have a powerful motivation to use our know-how, our legacy and our resources to preserve the places and traditions we value. That way, they’ll continue to bring purpose to others now and for generations.

The future of hunting and our agricultural heritage is in our hands. We’re rallying behind the mission to conserve the animals and spaces that fuel our passion for hunting. And our unwavering respect for lands that provide empowers us to invest in agricultural leaders and community. Together, with our partners, we're working to ensure that there is a path Forever Forward.