H-Back Suspenders

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Keep those pants up!

With a traditional H-back construction, our suspenders are designed to work seamlessly with our waders. We use a wide strap to relieve pressure from holding up heavier materials. Durable leather fasteners button into waders and pants, giving you a more secure connection.


Style 908250
Materials Elastic, Leather
Country of Origin United States
Leather Fasteners
Heavy duty leather is used to attach the suspenders to your waders or pants.
Button-On Braces
We use button-on braces to secure the connection between wader or pant and suspender. Buttons give you twice the protection to hold up heavier materials.
Done Right
For over 100 years, we've been building the best rubber boots and our accessories are no different. Relentlessly tested in the lab and field, we've engineered our suspenders to be a perfect fit with our waders and ensure that they help serve one purpose - to get the job done right.
Perfect Match
Works great with our ZXT Chest waders.

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