Aero Timber Top

They’ve aged well since we introduced them back in 1910.

Back then, we made them with rubber and a lace-up leather upper. We kept the classic look but swapped the rubber for an AeroForm shell made with polyurethane. This provides more flexibility and will keep feet warmer because the polyurethane won’t transfer cold to your feet like rubber will. The inside is smooth and seamless, adding to the overall comfortable fit and feel. AeroForm Technology, making a classic fit for the 21st century.

A modern update on a classic look.

Classic duck boots aren’t known for their warmth and comfort...until now - thanks to our AeroForm shell. The polyurethane doesn’t transfer cold like traditional rubber, which means no more clammy feet. Plus they’re lightweight and more flexible than traditional rubber duck boots. The AeroForm shell is also 100% waterproof, making them perfect for wet and slushy days.

What you won’t feel makes all the difference.

Thanks to the AeroForm construction, we’re able to smooth out the transition between the shell and the leather upper, making it barely noticeable. This brings a new level of comfort to the boot while keeping the signature unlined leather look and feel. It’s the perfect combination of form and function.

For rugged durability, there is no substitute.

It’s hard to argue with that classic leather upper. Ours is full grain and oiled. It adds a rich look to the boot while providing water-resistant protection.

Go ahead, stomp in the puddles and stroll through the slush.

A tribute to the original, our Aero duck boots deliver the same level of trusted traction as our classic styles. They're extremely durable because they’re made with premium rubber that won’t crack or get hard in the cold.

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