Aeroform Technology

Unequaled comfort and durability begins with our patented AeroForm technology - a revolutionary process in which liquid polyurethane is injected into a mold around the boot’s core. Once bonded, it creates a seamless shell that's, dare we say, warmer, lighter and stronger than rubber.

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Warmth without the bulk

Built with polyurethane, the same material used to insulate refrigerators and freezers, the AeroForm shell surrounds the entire foot for warmth. Plus, it won't transfer cold to your feet like traditional rubber can.

Lighter means less fatigue

Because the AeroForm shell acts as both insulation and cushioning support, we reduce the overall weight and bulk in boots built with AeroForm technology. This makes them lighter, which keeps your feet feeling less fatigued in the long run. That's comfort beyond cushion.

Durability that lasts

Boots with AeroForm technology showed no signs of wear and tear after being tested to 6.5 million flexes - that's the equivalent of walking over 4,000 miles. And because the AeroForm shell is more flexible than traditional rubber, it won’t crack over time or turn hard in colder temperatures.

Waterproof protection you can count on

The 100% waterproof AeroForm shell is seamless and during the construction process it is chemically bonded to the upper material and outsole, which means you won’t ever have to worry about leaks or separation.

Glove-like fit

When you slip on a pair of AeroForm technology boots, the AeroForm shell feels like it forms to your foot. Feeling is believing and the comfort of AeroForm technology is best experienced by trying a pair on for yourself. Your feet will thank you.

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