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Alex Templeton

Hunter and Rancher

Alex Templeton

Alex is a third generation farmer and rancher living in Northwest Missouri. She is also an avid hunter and began hunting when she was six years old. She truly eats, sleeps, and breathes a hunting and agricultural-based life. Most of her days are spent working on her family’s farming and ranching operation and she tries to mix in as much hunting as possible. “I absolutely love what I do and couldn't imagine anything different!”

Alex's Favorites

Women's Alpha Range 12" Black/Tan 5.0MM

Women's Alpha Range

Black/Tan 5.0MM

Women's Windrose 8" Brown/Midnight

Women's Windrose

8" Brown/Midnight

Women's Alphaburly Pro 15" Optifade Elevated II 1000G

Women's Alphaburly Pro

Optifade Elevated II 1000G

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