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David Blanton

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David Blanton

“When I started bowhunting as a 14 year old kid in South Georgia the hunting bug "bit" me in a huge way! Over the next several years I begin working at a hunting plantation which eventually led to me opening a hunting store in 1987. A few years later I met Bill Jordan as I was one of his first local dealers for his new Realtree pattern. We began hunting together some and just hit it off. Bill had a dream of having a national hunting television show and he asked me to come to work for him. Now, I have worked at Realtree Camouflage for 28 years, starting out as a cameraman and editor for Bill Jordan as we set out on a journey to begin TV and Video efforts. Today I currently host "Realtree Outdoors" and "Monster Bucks TV" show as well as oversee the TV and Video Department.”

David's Favorites

AeroHead Sport 16" Realtree Edge 7.0MM

AeroHead Sport

16" Realtree Edge 7MM

AeroHead Sport 16" Realtree Edge 3.5MM

AeroHead Sport

16" Realtree Edge 3.5MM

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