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Mark Kenyon

Writer and Host of Wired To Hunt

Mark Kenyon

Mark Kenyon is an avid hunter, angler and conservationist from southern Michigan. He is the host of the Wired To Hunt podcast, author of the forthcoming book That Wild Country, and a leading contributor at MeatEater, Inc.

Growing up in western Michigan, Mark was introduced to hunting and fishing at an early age and outdoor pursuits quickly became the sun his world revolved around. Soon after starting his career in online marketing at Google, Kenyon was inspired to find a way to merge his means for making a living with his passion for hunting. Wired To Hunt (a blog, digital media brand, and podcast) was born soon-after. Specializing in whitetail deer hunting, Kenyon has become one of the most prominent voices in the hunting industry. Mark has also placed a strong focus on advocating for public lands and the conservation of America's wildlife and wild places, a mission that has become even more personal after the birth of his son. With another on the way, ensuring the future of our nation's wild critters and landscapes is more important than ever for Kenyon and is sure to be the guiding light for the next phase in his outdoor career.

Mark's Favorites

Windrose 8" Brown


Men's Sizing

8" Brown

AeroHead Sport 16" Brown 7.0MM

AeroHead Sport

Men's Sizing

16" Brown 7mm

Alphaburly Pro 18" Forest Green

Alphaburly Pro

Men's Sizing

18" Forest Green

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