Winter is relentless. But so are we. Built with our AeroForm Technology, these boots provide lightweight, flexible, waterproof, durable warmth while delivering better performance in the field than traditional bulky winter boots. The neoprene and polyurethane AeroForm shell deliver incredible warmth without all the bulk. They stay flexible and won’t crack in cold temperatures. So whether it’s ice fishing, snowmobiling, or working outdoors, these are the do-it-all winter boots built for warmth and comfort.

Cushioning, flexibility and durability. We’ve combined the best features to stand up to winter’s worst.

Aero Insulator boots were built to keep you lighter on your feet, because walking through snow can be heavy enough. The AeroForm polyurethane shell provides a high level of insulation but without the bulk so they’re perfect for recreational vehicles. The shell wraps the entire foot for cushioning comfort that stays flexible in the harshest winter conditions and won’t crack, fade or tear. It provides a glove-like fit, supporting both under foot and around the ankle. Looks like it’s forced retirement time for Old Man Winter.

Your feet may think it’s spring all winter long.

These boots were made for the active winter adventurer. They’ll keep you warm without overdoing it so you won’t overheat while on the go. The fully fleece-lined 5 mm neoprene core is naturally insulating and wraps the entire foot and calf. The AeroForm shell adds 10mm of insulation around the feet and ankles, made of the same material used to insulate refrigerators and freezers. We’ve even wrapped 15mm of polyurethane under the foot to further insulate from the cold frozen ground.

Built to work or play the entire day.

Between the insole and the outsole is the midsole. This one is designed with two types of polyurethane to create more comfort, support and warmth underfoot. It’s softer on top, closer to the foot, for cushioning comfort, but denser under that for added support and better insulation. An oversized shank delivers more support and protection underfoot to reduce foot fatigue after long days of activity.

Step with confidence.

This outsole was designed to channel the snow, ice and slush out to maintain maximum grip and traction, especially on recreational vehicles. The surface area is extremely generous, utilizing an industrial grid pattern in the arch to help keep the boots, and anyone in them, from slipping and sliding.

Keep the cold out and the warmth in.

The LaCrosse signature gusset adds versatility and flexibility to the boot. Tuck pants in or leave them out and cinch the boots tight to your calves – the gusset lets you choose. It also allows the boots to easily fold down for quicker drying.

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