Whether you’re deep in the mine, cleaning industrial chemical tanks, or find yourself in the harshest conditions on the job site, rest easy knowing the Alpha Aggressive was born for this. There’s no tougher boot out there. But the Alpha Aggressive isn’t all brute. Underneath that hard-wearing, chemical-and-tear-resistant rubber is a flexible neoprene layer providing you relentless comfort for those long days on your feet. Built to withstand the worst, the Alpha Aggressive is your best bet.

Image of the bottom half of a person walking across gravel wearing tall black rubber boots with yellow toes.

Unwavering protection. Uncompromising comfort.

Pioneered in 2003, our Alpha Construction set a new standard for comfort in rubber boots. Multiple layers of chemical-and-tear-resistant rubber cover the entire exterior of the Alpha Aggressive, providing dependable durability while additional layers of rubber in key areas give increased support. Inside, insulating neoprene provides comfort and flexibility to keep you going strong even in the harshest environments. The Alpha Aggressive is unwavering in its job, so you can focus on yours.

Image of two people attaching a large hose to a water truck wearing tall black rubber boots and jeans.

Give it hell.

When you’re in deep all day, you need a boot that’s going to hold up and not let you down. A boot that's tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and chemical-resistant. Our rubber is tested against 25 separate industry chemicals for best-in-class protection. Fully rubber clad, including the gusset, the Alpha Aggressive is 100% waterproof even in the most demanding and sinister environments. Go ahead, throw your worst at it.

Image of a person stepping onto a ladder wearing an orange shirt, jeans, and tall black rubber boots.

Traction at its best when terrain is at its worst.

The Alpha Aggressive is designed to thrive where most boots fail. To ensure you move confidently through your jobsite, we fit the Alpha Aggressive with a rugged Vibram® 132 Montagna outsole featuring deep lugs, a 90-degree heel and oil-and-slip-resistant rubber. The insulated option utilizes our oil-and-slip-resistant Mudlite outsole with generous surface area for greater bite in colder climates. No matter the environment, the Alpha Aggressive is suited to keep you stable, even when the ground below you isn’t.

Image of a person stepping onto a front loader wearing tan pants and tall black rubber boots with a yellow panel across the toe and top of the foot.

Always safe. Never sorry.

Available in a wide range of safety options, the Alpha Aggressive will always protect. Whether you simply need chemical-resistance with a plain toe, or 360-degree protection with safety toe, puncture resistant midsole and metatarsal guard, there’s a version for you. You’ve got enough on your mind while on the job, so let us worry about your feet.

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