With a sneaker-like fit that pulls on like a slipper, this is the boot you keep in the back of your truck. Whether you’re cruising for turkeys, scouting for whitetail, shed hunting, or peeling off a wet pair of waders, the AlphaTerra keeps your feet snug, dry, and prepared to go anywhere thanks to AlphaFit with wide and half-sizes.

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Alpha Fit

A rubber boot that comes in wide and half-sizes?! What used to be unheard of is now your new normal thanks to our AlphaFit technology. No more sliding around inside your boots. No more pinching. The AlphaTerra boot fits just like you’d want it to — perfectly.

Premium Construction and Purpose Built

Constructed with hand-laid premium, natural rubber over neoprene for durability, flexibility and complete waterproof protection, the AlphaTerra is the comfortable go-between that’s essential to your quiver of boots.

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