Whether the mercury is just around freezing or it has plunged double digits below zero, your feet won’t know the difference in a pair of Ice King boots. This is a LaCrosse classic, our warmest boot for extreme cold. Work or play, they were built for comfort, durability, high function … and of course, to keep your feet really warm. They thrive in places where temperatures drop below 20 and annual snowfall hits 200+ inches. This is the boot of choice for outdoorsmen who refuse to call it quits because of weather.

They’re happiest when winter sends its worst.

The 100% waterproof hand-laid, premium rubber bottom with a abrasion-resistant toe cap makes them plenty tough where it matters most. A full-grain leather upper tops them off with water-resistant protection.

Your feet will never look at a windchill the same.

When it comes to protecting feet from the cold, these boots protect like no others. 400G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation wraps the foot while a removable polyester foam liner with a 6mm felt bottom provides added warmth and cushion. An 8mm felt insole offers even more insulation underfoot that won’t compress over time. These are extremely warm boots for extremely cold weather.

Leave ’em at the door. They’re too warm to wear inside.

Ice King boots are warm. Very warm. So when you come in from the cold, they need to be easy to take off. The lace and tongue area open nice and wide for extra room to slide on and off, even with thick socks. And when you’re ready to face the tundra, the back leather pull tab gives you more leverage to easily pull them on.

Where surefooted becomes sure-surefooted.

Ice is unforgiving. That’s OK, because Ice King boots have Trac-Lite outsoles. They’re fully vulcanized for extra durability. The traction is reliable in the slipperiest conditions and the 90º heel gives added leverage for ladders, shovels or switching gears on the ATV.

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