For nearly 60 years, the Grange has been a do-it-all rubber boot that our customers knew they could always trust. The Grange for women continues the tradition with a boot that's comfortable, durable and built to perform the same as our most iconic men's style.

Welcome to the top of the rubber food chain.

Keep a good thing going. When it comes to the Grange and Burly, that’s been our rally cry. And it all starts by building them with more natural rubber than most other boots. Rubber that remains durable and waterproof year after year. Rubber that won’t crack from the extreme heat or harden from bitter cold. Rubber that’s resistant to tears and abrasions, whether you’re hard at work…or play. With rubber like that, it’s no wonder they never change.

More traction. Less mud.

It’s called the Chevron Cleated Outsole. It’ll give you confidence to step in mud and muck and keep you on your feet. Unlike most other boots that feature a glued-on outsole, the Chevron Cleated Outsole is fully vulcanized onto the boot for extra durability and to ensure it won’t ever separate. And with its unique lug design constantly shedding the mud, traction is never jeopardized. Never.

Give your feet a bear hug.

The Grange features our revolutionary Ankle Fit design. Not only does it ensure a secure and comfortable fit around your ankles, it also grips the top of your foot and locks your heel in place. This prevents the boot from pulling loose, even in deep mud and muck. And staying true to our “by-hand” process, the hand-laid rubber of the Grange guarantees that they fit the way we built them to fit — comfortably and securely.

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