Because you shouldn’t have to settle, we started from the ground up to develop women’s waders that fit right, function right and perform in the field. With two material options – insulated breathable or neoprene – the Hail Call and Estuary are durable, waterproof and adjustable in all the right places. LaCrosse Alpha boots mean your feet are wrapped in premium rubber and cushioning neoprene with Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation for all-day comfort. When the marsh is calling, these are the waders you can count on to keep you warm, dry and comfortable for the duration of the hunt.

Close-up image of a woman wearing LaCrosse camo waders showing the pocket and handwarmers and she's wearing a duck call.

End the hunt on your terms, not the weather’s.

The marsh isn’t the most inviting hunting grounds. It’s cold. It’s wet. And when the wind picks up it challenges your staying power even more. The very reasons why we designed our women’s waders for more warmth and comfort. Choose from naturally insulating neoprene waders or breathable waders with quilted insulation. Both have a fleece-lined hand warmer pocket at the chest and LaCrosse boots protecting your feet. Take your pick, either way you won’t be cutting your hunt short. In fact, you should plan on spending even more time in the marsh.

Image of a woman walking through knee-high water wearing waders and pulling duck decoys on a sunny day.

Comfort is a cinch.

Few things can ruin a hunt as quickly as ill-fitting waders. Where they bunch and gather can restrict your mobility, or worse, cause a missed opportunity. Both our women’s waders are cut specifically for the female body, and feature ways to adjust them to accommodate various body shapes and sizes. Whether it’s the adjustable gusset on the chest of the Estuary or the two side straps at the waist and hip of the Hail Call, you’ll feel the difference “designed for women by women” can really make.

Image of the back of a hunter showing the two strap back design of the camo waders.

Move freely, hunt freely.

Throwing decoys, pulling them in, loading your gun, whatever movements you make in the marsh shouldn’t be accompanied with you constantly pulling up your shoulder straps. The problem: a woman’s shoulders are naturally more narrow than a man’s. The solution: two strap designs that take that fact into account. An X-back design on the Estuary and the Hail Call’s Y-back design both keep the straps on your shoulders and allow maximum mobility.

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