Alpha Agility

Realtree Edge

Alpha Agility

Realtree Edge

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Athletic shoe agility meets rubber boot utility

This boot was made to move you much further and much faster thanks to its light weight, flexibility, and comfort. It begins with premium hand-laid rubber over 5mm of naturally insulating neoprene so you know they'll be waterproof and durable. And of course, our signature adjustable gusset fits any size calf snugly and securely.


Style 302440
Weight 4 lbs per pair
Height 17"
Insulation Non-Insulated
Color Camo
Camo Pattern Realtree Edge™
Lining Polyester Jersey
Footbed Removable EVA
Shank Nylon
Lining Waterproof
Manufacturing Imported
Toe Protection Plain Toe

Comfort Zone

  • Arctic
    0 to 70°F
  • Cold
    0 to 70°F
  • Mild
    0 to 70°F
Alpha Construction
Built with hand-laid premium, natural rubber over insulating neoprene for durability, flexibility and complete waterproof protection.
Comfort Liner
Quick drying and moisture wicking, our jersey knit liner will keep your feet dry and comfortable.
Realtree Edge
Using warm grays and browns that are found all year round, Realtree Edge utilizes pockets of shadows and highlights that allow the pattern to stay open at a distance, unlike other patterns that start to run together.
Active Fit
With a comfortable, secure fit to keep your foot in place while on the move, boots with Active Fit also go on and come off with ease.
Kick-Off Heel Plate
For easy hands-free removal.
Agility Outsole
Made with our lightweight LXA compound, this outsole features optimal rebound and comfort.

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As low as $130.00
As low as $130.00

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